Thursday, June 7, 2007

Short Film Festival


The First Annual Doha Players Short Film Festival.

Have you always wanted to make a short film?

Do you have a short film you have been waiting to show the world?

Do you have a great story or idea, but you need a crew or camera?

The First Annual Doha Players Short Film Festival is a fun event designed to help you showcase your storytelling abilities through visual means.

We have created a web site to help share information and ideas. It is up and running now so go and check it out at
Please use the web site and let us have your thoughts and ideas on what you like, and what we should add to the site to make it more useful. As this is the first event we are all learning together.

Registration for the event is on line via the web site all we need is:

Full Name Contact Phone Contact Email Summary of planned production

Peter Phillips
Social Chair
Doha Players Executive Board

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